Affiliate membership

Changing the Chemistry – Our Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership is open to incorporated and unincorporated bodies which support the objectives of Changing the Chemistry (SCIO).

Option 1

As an Affiliate member you will pay an annual membership fee of £750

Affiliate members will agree to:

  • Nominate one individual from your employment / membership to act as your authorised representative and, in particular, to be the point of contact with CtC
  • Affiliate members shall have no voting rights at members’ meetings, but the authorised representative may attend.


In return, as an Affiliate member you will:

  • Be entitled to one (free) online information event to be delivered by CtC on a date to be agreed, and to an audience of your choice (e.g., comprising your employees, supporters, partners, members or stakeholders)
  • Entitled to make use of the CtC logo (subject to the CtC brand guidelines)
  • Your logo will appear on our website and may appear on promotional material indicating your support as an Affiliate member
  • 12 months unlimited promotion of your board roles, to our members
  • We want to build an effective partnership with you and as such we will work with you, annually, to discuss how CtC could fulfil any additional support (e.g., board information events, advisory services, and workshops etc) and we will come to an agreement about possible delivery and costs, at that time.


Option 2

All of the above plus the following for an annual membership fee of £1750

  • Your authorised representative will have access to all CtC resources in the members’ platform and can make use of them within your organisation
  • This person will be personally entitled to attend any CtC events, discussions, groups
  • This authorised representative will be required to abide by the CtC Code of Conduct
  • Advice and support on one round of board recruitment (either the organisation’s board or others that the organisation works with) in the 12 month period, including promotion to the CtC membership and external networks
  • Discounted rates for any additional board information events, advisory services, and workshops
  • Discounted rates for delivery of workshops on how to make your board more effective and inclusive.


In addition to Options 1 & 2 above

We also offer full sponsorship opportunities.  Please contact us to discuss.


Criteria for Organisations seeking Affiliate Membership

 Have a track record of improving their board’s diversity or have a plan to improve their board diversity

  1. Clear commitment to support CtC’s charitable objectives and improve diversity of thought in the boardroom.


Terms & Conditions

To apply for Affiliate Membership of Changing the Chemistry (CtC) please complete the application form (this will ask for details about your organisation, and details of your authorised representative, plus a statement indicating the reason your organisation wishes to become an Affiliate member of CtC. You will also be asked to indicate how your organisation supports the objectives of CtC, and to agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions.)

  • All Affiliate Members agree to abide by CtC’s constitution and support its charitable objects
  • The authorised representative also agrees to abide by CtC’s policies and Code of Conduct when participating in CtC events/activities
  • All applications for Affiliate membership will require to be approved by a sub-committee of the CtC Board of Trustees
  • Upon acceptance as an Affiliate member an invoice will be raised, and your membership will begin upon receipt of payment of the fee
  • Upon receipt of the membership fee, CtC will provide you with the CtC logo and CtC brand guidelines
  • You will provide CtC with your logo and any brand guidelines and we will add your logo to our website to show your support
  • You will be given a key contact within CtC
  • CtC is grateful to you for your support and hopes you find this collaboration to be beneficial, we are open to ideas and suggestions from you which may enhance the relationship and your key contact will be pleased to discuss this with you
  • The CtC objectives, brand and reputation is at CtC’s core. Therefore, if at any time an Affiliate member was to demonstrably fail to support the CtC objectives, this would result in an investigation by CtC and the sub-committee of the Board of Trustees would have the power, in such circumstances, to terminate the Affiliate membership, with immediate effect.


To request an Affiliate Membership application form – please contact:-


September 2021