Working with us

changing the chemistry diversity of thought

Changing the Chemistry is pleased to partner with organisations seeking better board diversity, and are able to help in the following ways. Please note that as Changing the Chemistry is a charity run as a peer support network, we charge a small fee for the following services, except where specified.

  • Sharing details of board vacancies with the Changing the Chemistry membership (free)
  • Advice on board role description and adverts
  • Training sessions or workshops for boards on the importance of and obstacles to diversity, including unconscious bias
  • Guidance on board recruitment process enhancements
  • Support to attract a wider range of candidates, whether through leveraging our network or by co-hosting board information events
  • Providing an independent representative for interview panels
  • Support for candidates and potential candidates, for example workshops on making applications and mock interview panels
  • Providing speakers with board roles to share boardroom experience
  • Advice on board culture to support greater inclusion

To get in touch, please complete the contact form here.

Tanya Castell leading a workshop alongside Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland