Julie Moulsdale

Julie Moulesdale offers expert communications advice with her own business Perceptive Partners Communications, specialising in developing and maintaining a personal brand  in the digital world. Julie has been part of the Changing The Chemistry team since inception.

Julie talks about the new role she has recently accepted.

1. Details of the board appointment
I was appointed non-executive director and trustee for House for an Art Lover in June 2013. Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, House for an Art Lover is a unique wedding/conference venue and visitor attraction in Glasgow.

2. What attracted you to the role?
Spookily, I chose House for an Art Lover for my own wedding seven years ago and I thought it was a fabulous venue. I have experienced lots of venues through my work life, but thought this was head and shoulders above the others. Its primary objective is the stimulation of public interest in Art, Design & Architecture and being very interested in property and the Arts, this was a great fit. House for an Art Lover also has some exciting plans in terms of developing space for art classes and its sculpture park, so again that pushed my buttons. And perhaps most importantly, the team there are fantastic, so it was a compelling offer.

3. What strengths, both personal and professional, did you highlight in the interview process?
My interest in architecture, arts and design, contacts in the property sector as well as my digital communications experience and skills.

4. What were the benefits of approaching the role with the help of a Voluntary Mutual Support Group (CtC)
They (CtC support group) were very helpful and candid in terms of what to expect from the interview process and undertaking the role itself. Tanya (Castell) pointed me to a fantastic resource called “The Test” which is free PwC. This is a handy guide on the questions to ask and points to consider when going through the non-exec appointment process.

5. What do you hope to achieve in the role
I hope to bring my skills to bear to help the organisation develop even more successfully. In the process I hope I gain a more thorough understanding of the role of a non-exec director with hands on experience, so develop my skills in this area. I also hope to encourage more social inclusion by involving children from deprived areas in the fantastic arts education on offer at House for an Art Lover.