Dianne Haley

1. Details of Board Appointment
Dianne is on the Board of the National Library of Scotland. She was previously on the Board of Ark Housing Association.

2. What attracted you to the role?
I was keen to secure a public sector appointment after being on the Board of Ark, a registered housing association and charity. I was only looking for one appointment to fit in with my business commitments. I wanted it to be with an organisation which was interested in my business background, strategy and change management skills. I was also looking for an organisation that really sparked my interest. The Library meets my criteria in every way. A public sector appointment, where my business skills can make a real difference and one which, for someone passionate about writing and literature, is endlessly fascinating.

The Library is also at an important stage in its development. The National Library of Scotland Act 2012 clarified its function and modernised the make-up and responsibilities of the Board, leading to the recruitment of several new Board members. I was keen to be part of this new stage in the life of the Library, particularly as it sets its strategy for the future.

3. What strengths (personal/professional) did you highlight in the interview process?
Strategy development and implementation
Change management
Board and audit committee experience, including being Chair of the audit committee at Ark.
My deep personal interest in writing and literature.

4. What were the benefits of approaching the role with the help of a voluntary mutual support group (CtC)?
The support and encouragement of the group was a significant factor in my successful application, not least the focus it provided on seeking out and applying for suitable roles. I would highlight in particular the value of the panel interview session and the insight into the application process for public sector appointments from people who had successfully gone through the process.

5. What do you hope to achieve in the role?
To help the Library set its strategy for the next stage of its development and see that strategy successfully implemented.