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There is an increasing volume of research to show that diverse teams are not only more creative, but higher performing. Meanwhile although the correlation between diversity at the top of an organisation and profitability is evident, causation is harder to prove currently because of the many variables.

The following is a list of interesting research and articles on the subject. Why not test your unconscious bias here?

  • McKinsey – Why Diversity Matters: link
  • Scientific American – How diversity makes us smarter: link
  • Harvard Business School on unconscious bias: Investors prefer entrepreneurial ventures pitched by attractive men: link
  • Credit Suisse research on economic benefit of diversity: link
  • Bank of England Chief Economist on Diversity: link
  • EY/RBS outsmarting our brains – overcoming hidden biases to harness diversity’s true potential: link
  • Deloitte’s Business chemistry – on pioneers, drivers, integrators and guardians: link
  • EY news release on driving social mobility: link

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