Improving board effectiveness and quality through Diversity of Thought.

Changing the Chemistry was established in 2011, proudly emerging from a women’s event ‘Inspiring Women Leaders – Dare We?’ to influence organisational governance and to enable boards to function better through the introduction of broader diversity.  At the start of our inception we recognised and celebrated myriad other important types of diversity, and we embrace this through our philosophy of promoting diversity of thought. We were the first and are still the only organisation in Scotland to operate in this field. In 2015, we became a Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation (SCIO).

Changing the Chemistry’s (CtC’s) aim is to build and develop a truly diverse community of people who, together through peer to peer support, can establish and deepen their board readiness, making a contribution to organisations by helping boards become more effective and productive.

Our values

Our values build on our name, adding directional, tangible and measurable outcomes.

Courage (encompassing: truth, challenge, honesty, authenticity)

We will be courageous in all we do – for ourselves, for each other and for the greater good of organisations. Challenging the status quo, having BIG conversations, stretching conventional beliefs and boundaries, daring to introduce difference

Tenacity (encompassing: persistence, individuality, making a difference, proactive collaboration)

We will make a difference and do this by holding on to what we believe – encouraging and influencing organisational change. We will do this through building a robust infrastructure promoting personal development and growth, based on an ethos of peer-to-peer support, sharing our experience, knowledge and insight for the benefit of all.

Credibility (encompassing: wisdom, integrity, trustworthiness, diversity, professionalism, influence, respect)

We will build a reputation as change agents influencing organisational shifts in recruitment policy offering real, developed, talent demonstrating the power of diversity.