Influencing others

In influencing others, we:

  • Make sure members are clear on the objectives of CtC so they can: 
    • understand their contribution to CtC’s success; and
    • clearly articulate the aims of CtC to external audiences
  • Encourage members to be clear on the Communications policy and who to go to for advice
  • Connect with organisations recruiting board members (particularly board chairs) so that they are aware of CtC and seek the assistance of CtC in encouraging a diversity of applications to board roles
  • Communicate regularly with UK and Scottish Government so they understand the role of CtC and seek our contribution to government initiatives on board diversity
  • Engage with key media commentators on diversity issues so they seek views from CtC and include success case studies in their features

and will:

  • Establish and continue to foster relationships with representative and influencing bodies to continue to get our message heard and our reputation embedded
  • Target and work with organisations to influence them to make their boards more diverse
  • Devise communications to influence organisational change, conveying a consistent message
  • Create and accept opportunities where we can communicate what Changing the Chemistry is and stands for
  • Identify key impact data (proof points being worked on( to strengthen our messages
  • Build a reputation for being the home of top quality non-executive directors/trustees