Developing our members

We will:

  • Build the capability, knowledge and skills of our entire membership
  • Share best practice
  • Share skills
  • Build the mutual support network that has been the bedrock of the organisation
  • Ensure all members with board positions have the confidence to carry out their roles effectively through peer support

In developing our members, we:

  • actively encourage all members interested in board applications or improving their board performance to have an active and realistic Board Development Plan
  • ask members to evaluate the developmental activities yearly; we aim for high quality and high impact
  • collect data from our membership to measure effectiveness of our support and their impact
  • ensure members are clear who to go to for advice and the content of the Developing Members strategy and developmental activities available
  • create attachment to our cause through members helping one another in terms of mentoring, buddying and offering their own ideas and services to support other members of the group