Broadening our membership

In broadening our membership, we:

  • Improve data collection and reporting to demonstrate broad membership
  • Boost the proportions of members from among populations under-represented in the boardroom, including minority ethnic communities, young people and disabled people, as well as members under-represented in the CtC membership, including men
  • Run at least two events per year (stand alone or linked to other aims) focused on attracting new members
  • Write at least one article per year in a relevant publication, aimed at raising the profile of CtC and encouraging new members who are interested in going on to boards
  • Contribute to a social media strategy that seeks to attract new members – with new member calls at least once a month and a one week membership drive twice a year focused on specific diverse categories
  • Ensure all members introduce at least one new member, different from their own profile, within a year of joining