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Diversity Research

Suggested reading on the benefits of diversity. Have more to share? Tweet us and let us know – @changingthechem. McKinsey regularly publish insights on the value of diversity and inclusion which you can find here. Of interest are their findings on why diversity matters and diversity and financial performance. This article explains how diversity makes us smarter. Need evidence of the impact o... »

Board Journey – Alison McGregor, CEO, HSBC Scotland

27/11/2017 @ 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm - Please join us for a Board Journey, led by Alison McGregor, HSBC Bank plc, CEO Scotland - an opportunity to learn from an experienced executive and non-executive Director. Alison is a CtC member and will share her top tips on what helped her along the way, as well as the challenges she faced and how [...] »

Trustee appointment news 

Changing the Chemistry is pleased to announce the appointment of four new trustees to its board. Yvonne Greeves, Ian Roberts, David Robinson and Martha Walsh were appointed at CtC’s June AGM, replacing retiring trustees Julie-Anne Jamieson, Janet Unsworth and Miki Fairfax; and Jenny Campbell, who retired in November 2016. New trustees 2017 announcement   »


Changing the Chemistry is very grateful to the following organisations for their help and support     »

What NEDs are thinking

Drawing on responses from more than 4,000 directors from 60 countries, the 2016 Global Board of Directors Survey by Spencer Stuart explores in depth how directors think and operate. It captures in detail the governance practices, strategic priorities and views on board effectiveness of corporate directors around the world. Among the highlights of the report: • Directors around the world are uncert... »

See SNH Board in action – Morning and Lunch on Thursday 17th November

17/11/2016 @ 9:30 am - 2:00 pm - CtC members especially those seeking Public Sector NED positions or those new in the role may wish to come along to an SNH Board meeting to see an NDPB board in action. Ian Ross Chair of SNH has agreed to host CtC members at the SNH Board meeting on Thursday 17th November which will be [...] »

Finance in the Boardroom

31/10/2016 @ 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm - Financial matters are often at the heart of Boardroom discussions, but many people are less than comfortable with their level of knowledge of accounting concepts and terminology and find this a barrier to full participation in those discussions. If you have found this to be the case or indeed wish to refresh your understanding of [...] »

Women onto Work Board Journey with Bonnie Clark, Morag Mathieson and Elsa Jack

26/10/2016 @ 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm - Join us for an interesting and insightful board journey with three fellow Changing the Chemistry members and NXDs who will share their own journey and experience of Women onto Work's board Women Onto Work (WOW) was a Scottish charity that aimed to help women into fulfilling employment through an innovative system of support designed to address [...] »



Mary Duffy

Mary Duffy develops and supports work aimed at positive social impact and is a fellow of the UK’s Clore Social Leadership Programme. Committed to good governance, Mary has several non-executive positions, advisory roles to a grantmaking board and to the BBC Trust, and is a founding group member at Changing The Chemistry. Mary talks about the new role she has recently accepted. 1. Details of ... »

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