Member Development Support

Changing the Chemistry (CtC) is committed to delivering a strong and sustainable member to member support network and helping each other is part of the CtC DNA. Often this results in members providing catalyst, mentoring or coaching support as part of our board journeys. The table below provides a definition for each type of support. If you would like to find out more, please read the coaching policy and/or the mentoring policy on how to either volunteer or ask for support.

Coaching Mentoring Catalyst
Coaches will rarely offer or give advice; they provide encouragement and challenge to help the person develop and, in CtC, progress their board journey CtC Mentors will often provide direction and advice and may help make connections or identify opportunities for Mentees that will help them on their board journey Catalysts are experienced Board members who also have a good understanding of how CtC works and what opportunities exist to support members on their board journey
Coaches need not have first-hand expertise of the skills, knowledge or behaviours that the Coachee is planning to develop Mentoring is usually a planned pairing of a more skilled or experienced person with a less experienced person A Catalyst will help the Catalysee consider what next steps are needed on the member’s board journey and how to approach this
Coaches in CtC help the Coachee to identify objectives related to their board journey and facilitate problem solving CtC Mentoring involves helping Mentees to develop their career, skills and expertise; often drawing upon the experience of the Mentor in the process, to help them along their board journey Catalysing involves challenging Catalysees and guiding them towards the steps they need to take to achieve Board roles
Coaches in CtC hold the coachee accountable for committing to actions that will achieve their objectives relating to the boardroom Mentors act as role models and may focus on influencing skills and encourage self-development Catalysts will help Catalysees find ways to give back to CtC as part of the peer support network
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