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1st February 2022 – Latest News

We are Hiring!

Changing the Chemistry (CtC), one of the UK’s leading peer support organisations to promote diversity of thought in the boardroom, is seeking a talented individual to deliver Phase 2 of CtC’s Transition Project.

This is a unique, paid, 3 month project – to be delivered remotely.

View the details:  View full details here  – delivery of Stage 2 of the Transition Project

To apply for this unique and exciting opportunity, please send your CV together with a covering letter (no more than 2 sides of A4) outlining your reasons for wishing to take this on and what you feel you would bring to this role.  Please email details to: debbie.atkins@changingthechemistry.org  by Midnight on Monday 14th February 2022.

As part of the application process you will have an informal zoom call with Debbie Atkins, and short listed candidates will be invited to interview with the President and President-elect.  These interviews will take place at a mutually convenient time on 25th – 28th February 2022.

If you have any questions about this role, and the application process, please feel free to contact Debbie Atkins – email:debbie.atkins@changingthechemistry.org – or Helen Wright – email:helen.wright@changingthechemistry.org

23rd November – Press Release

UK’s leading board diversity network announces collaboration with SIS and CDN as Affiliate Members

Changing the Chemistry (CtC), one of the UK’s leading organisations to promote diversity of thought in the boardroom, is delighted to announce the names of the inaugural Affiliate Members.  This announcement coincides with the launch of the CtC Affiliate Membership Programme, as part of a strategy for future growth, which provides support to organisations which wish to improve board diversity. 

Building on the legacy of successful partnerships with organisations that support the CtC objectives, the CtC Board is delighted to announce and officially welcome our inaugural Affiliate Members:

·    Social Investment Scotland (SIS)

·   College Development Network (CDN)

Neil Stevenson, Chair of the CtC Board of Trustees said: “CtC’s new Affiliate Membership is open to incorporated and unincorporated bodies which have a clear commitment to support the objectives of Changing the Chemistry (SCIO) and improve diversity of thought in the boardroom.  It is with great pleasure that we welcome SIS and CDN as our first Affiliate Members.

“Our Affiliate Membership Programme allows us to partner with likeminded organisations, such as SIS and CDN, and together we can advance our objectives and extend our influence and reach, allowing us to amplify our message and reach more organisations across Scotland, and the UK.”  

Supporting the CtC objectives:

CtC is established for charitable purposes only, and in particular, the promotion of equality and diversity by:

1.1   promoting diversity on governing bodies of all organisations in the public, private and third sectors

1.2   supporting people from under-represented populations in obtaining positions on governing bodies

1.3   supporting governing bodies in recruiting members from under-represented groups


Lindsay Wake, Head of Impact at Social Investment Scotland (SIS), said: “Diversity and inclusion at leadership level is crucial in bringing different ideas and perspectives to the table that are representative of our society, as well as promoting equality among the businesses and communities we work within. In recent years, SIS has been working hard to shape a more inclusive environment, with our own practices influencing our customers, investees, and suppliers.

“Joining CtC as an Affiliate Member builds on the positive steps we have already taken to make improvements and as one of the first partners, we have had the unique opportunity to collaborate with CtC to share our values and contribute to the development of the membership offering. We are looking forward to engaging with other members and the CtC team to continue our focus on equality and diversity on boards – not only for our own organisation, but for the customers and stakeholders we work with too.”

Victoria Underwood, Head of Leadership, Governance and Research at College Development Network (CDN), said: “CDN is delighted to become an Affiliate Member of Changing the Chemistry. Our two organisations share a common commitment to increase diversity on boards, and diversity in governance and the advantages it can bring not only for our colleges and their students, but also for the economy and society as a whole. This new relationship builds on our successful collaboration on CDN’s Get Into Governance programme designed to educate and empower those thinking of taking on their first board role and we look forward to working together for the benefit of the college sector and its stakeholders.”

Dr Helen Wright, President of Changing the Chemistry (2021/2022), said: “Listening to and collaborating with our key stakeholders is an important part of our strategy and by doing so, we can amplify the value that diversity brings to the success of organisations.  We are excited to welcome SIS and CDN as our inaugural Affiliate Members.

“I warmly invite other organisations that support the CtC objectives and have a track record of improving their board’s diversity or have a plan to improve their board’s diversity, to get in touch – we would love to speak with you.  Diversity of thought on Boards has never been more important.”

View details of the CtC Affiliate Membership Programme

For further information, please contact:

Debbie Atkins   debbie.atkins@changingthechemistry.org  


Notes to the editor:

About Changing the Chemistry (CtC)

Changing the Chemistry (CtC) was established in 2011, proudly emerging from a women’s event ‘Inspiring Women Leaders – Dare We?’ to help people from diverse backgrounds secure board roles and to advise boards on how to improve the diversity of their boards. From the start, CtC recognised and celebrated a myriad of other important types of diversity and embraced this through the charity’s philosophy of promoting diversity of thought (identity, cognitive and experiential). In 2015, CtC became a Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation (SCIO).

Changing the Chemistry’s aim is to build and develop a truly diverse community of people who, together through peer to peer support, can establish and deepen their board readiness and contribute to organisations by helping boards become more effective and productive.

Changing the Chemistry works with organisation in the public, private and third sector, to help these organisations make their boards more diverse.  This includes providing board recruitment support and advice; speaking opportunities; and delivering training.

For more information about Changing the Chemistry, visit: 



About Social Investment Scotland (SIS)

Social Investment Scotland was established in 2001 to provide a new finance model for Scotland’s charities and social enterprises. Since then it has invested over £100m across Scotland. Loan finance via Social Investment Scotland is available from £10,000 to £1.6M and is aimed at community enterprises and social businesses that might find access to finance from mainstream providers difficult. Social Investment Scotland also helps to manage funds on behalf of third parties with any profits being re-invested into social business development in Scotland.

For more information about Social Investment Scotland, visit: 



About College Development network (CDN) 

CDN is the national agency in Scotland that supports skills and sector development across colleges and vocational learning.

CDN’s three-year Strategic Framework 2020-23, sets out five key Outcomes, through which we will realise our mission to support the college and skills system in driving success for students, their wider communities and regional economies.

We will phase our strategic planning over the coming three years to ensure our Outcomes are achieved. As we support staff and students to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, and work with colleges to play their part in Scotland’s economic revival by providing people with the skills employers need, there are some objectives we will particularly focus on in the coming 2022 academic session, including:

  1. Supporting the learning workforce to develop excellent digital skills
  2. Promoting systems leadership development opportunities across the sector
  3. Developing collaborative research and enquiry programmes focused on recovery and practical innovation in education and skills
  4. Ensuring that tackling the climate emergency and building a sustainable economy is at the heart of the post-Covid strategy

Each year we engage with thousands of members of staff working in colleges across Scotland through our training and network events. We also work with learners through our thematic projects like our governance and leadership summit, College Expo event, and national awards programme.

For more information about College Development Network, visit: