Changing the Chemistry

Changing the Chemistry (CtC) is a multi-talented group drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our aim is to increase diversity on all types of Boards, as evidence shows that increasing board diversity improves the performance of organisations and can thereby also benefit the wider economy.

Our unique approach is that we share the responsibility to help each other, volunteering our time and skills in a peer-to-peer support network. We provide practical support. You will recognise our members and alumni by their energy, skills, achievements, insight and potential to contribute.

We invest time through a peer to peer support network to develop our members so they receive the skills, confidence and knowledge to secure non-executive board positions.

Adding value is our aim and our members receive support to ensure they are an asset to any board they sit on, and organisation they represent.

We passionately believe in diversity of thought and the benefits that brings to organisational health. We engage in rigorous promotion of the benefits of a diverse board to organisations throughout the country.

We support organisations in increasing the diversity, efficiency and functionality of their boards and the measure of our success is the effectiveness of the appointments we have supported since our inception – there have been many!

We create sustainable action in differing ways – through our own governance, to make certain we will be ever present while organisations embrace diversity in their boardroom, and through enabling organisations to think longer term through an enriched board


If you are interested in joining Changing the Chemistry, please complete the “Find out more” form and the membership on-boarding team will put you in touch with an introducer.

If you have a board vacancy you would like us to promote to the membership, please email the information to the board vacancy team at

For general enquiries regarding Changing the Chemistry, please contact us by email at