We will achieve our purpose in three ways:

 1. Broadening our Membership

We will take time to attract a broad range of membership in dvChanging the Chemistry so that we can boast the most widely represented group for a board diversity organisation enabling real diversity of thought to be present within our organisation and on boards


2. Developing our Members

Our members will develop the skills, confidence and knowledge to secure non-executive/trustee board positions; ensuring they are an asset to the boards they sit on, and organisations they represent.

We will:

  • vaBuild the capability, knowledge and skills of our entire membership
  • Share best practice
  • Share skills
  • Build the mutual support network that has been the bedrock of the organisation
  • Ensure all members with board positions have the confidence to carry out their roles effectively through peer support
  1. Influencing others

We will communicate and engage externally with our stakeholders and in so doing influence change and awareness around the nature and benefits of diversity of thought.

We will build recognition as a key influencer, promoting the benefits of boardroom diversity and will:

  • Establisefh and continue to foster relationships with representative and influencing bodies to continue to get our message heard and our reputation embedded
  • Target and work with organisations to influence them to make their boards more diverse
  • Devise communications to influence organisational change, conveying a consistent message
  • Create and accept opportunities where we can communicate what Changing the Chemistry is and stands for
  • Identify key impact data (proof points being worked on( to strengthen our messages
  • Build a reputation for being the home of top quality non-executive directors/trustees

In broadening our membership, we:

  • prImprove data collection and reporting to demonstrate broad membership
  • Boost the proportions of members from among populations under-represented in the boardroom, including minority ethnic communities, young people and disabled people, as well as members under-represented in the CtC membership, including men
  • Run at least two events per year (stand alone or linked to other aims) focused on attracting new members
  • Write at least one article per year in a relevant publication, aimed at raising the profile of CtC and encouraging new members who are interested in going on to boards
  • Contribute to a social media strategy that seeks to attract new members – with new member calls at least once a month and a one week membership drive twice a year focused on specific diverse categories
  • Ensure all members introduce at least one new member, different from their own profile, within a year of joining

In developing our members, we:

Actively encourage all members interested in board applications or improving their      board performance to have an active and realistic Board Development Plan

  • Ask members to evaluate the developmental activities yearly; we aim for high quality and high impact
  • Collect data from our membership to measure effectiveness of our support and their impact
  • Ensure members are clear who to go to for advice and the content of the Developing Members strategy and developmental activities available
  • Create attachment to our cause through members helping one another in terms of mentoring, buddying and offering their own ideas and services to support other members of the group

In influencing others, we:

  • Make certain members are clear on the objectives of CtC, understand their contribution to the success of CtC and can clearly articulate the aims of CtC to external audiences
  • Encourage members to be clear on the Communications policy and who to go to for advice
  • Connect with organisations recruiting board members (particularly board chairs) so that they are aware of CtC and seek the assistance of CtC in encouraging a diversity of applications to board roles
  • Communicate regularly with UK and Scottish Government so they understand the role of CtC and seek our contribution to government initiatives on board diversity
  • Engage with key media commentators on diversity issues so they seek views from CtC and include success case studies in their features